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Accompanying the 360 ALLSTARS performance is a wide range of activities and materials that complete the show package. These include QnA sessions, Meet & Greets, Educational Resources and an entire Workshops Program catering to over 200 participants. All workshops are included free of charge, to help venues engage their communities and increase awareness of the performance.

  • BMX FLATLANDING - (LOCAL SKATE PARK) 2 time world champion, Peter Sore (Hungary), will draw in local youth, and no doubt impress them with his incredible skills. In this inspiring workshop, attendees will receive a step by step masterclass on how to execute BMX tricks, from an international artist who is one of the world's top riders.

  • JUNK DRUMMING & FREESTYLE RAPPING - (MUSIC STUDENTS/SCHOOLS) Conducted by master percussionist Gene Peterson and freestyle rapping prodigy Roman MC, this exciting and hands on workshop educates participants in sourcing sounds from every day household objects and turning these in to musical instruments. Following on from this, aspiring MC's will learn how to improvise lyrically from one of the best freestylers in the game. Also covering looping, body percussion and beatboxing, this combined workshop is as exciting as it is educational. 

  • BREAKDANCING (SCHOOL STUDENTS/DANCE SCHOOLS/GYMNASTS) Two world champion breakdancers give this amazing dance workshop, teaching choreography, technique and tricks in this explosive dance genre. Equally popular with boys and girls, this action packed masterclass offers an insight in to one of the most physical and fresh styles of dance today, conducted by two internationally renowned breakdancers; Bboy Sette (AUS) and Bboy Leerok (NZ). 

  • FREESTYLE BASKETBALLING (LOCAL BASKETBALL TEAMS/LOCAL YOUTH) Rashaun Daniels, known as "basketballman", is one of the worlds top basketball freestylers. In this fun, yet challenging workshop, local basketballers are taught a series of tricks and moves from one of the greatest performers of this niche artform.

  • CIRCUS  (CIRCUS/GYMNASTIC GROUPS/YOUTH) This fantastic workshop offers local youth the opportunity to learn from a professional circus performer. Covering several styles and art-forms, this workshop gives attendees a wonderful insight in to the circus world! 


To download a document detailing all workshop requirements (including minimum & maximum numbers of participants, technical & space requirements, suggested age ranges, and suitable target demographics), please click here.

To make an enquiry about presenting the 360 ALLSTARS workshops in your venue, festival or community, please contact us