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 360 ALLSTARS is a phenomenal physical performance exploring all forms of rotation. Boasting a stellar cast, including world champion athletes, world class dancers and world renowned musicians, the production connects the street with the elite to deliver a radical urban circus!

A performance like no other, 360 ALLSTARS reinvents the traditional circus by presenting contemporary performance styles instead of conventional circus art forms. Replace acrobats with breakdancers, substitute a basketball freestyler in place of a juggler, swap the unicyclist for a BMX flatlander, and throw in a Roue Cyr artist and you get an exhilarating circus performance, like nothing you have seen before! And with a stunning live soundtrack performed by award-wining master musicians, Gene Peterson & Roman MC, 360 ALLSTARS is as aurally exciting as it is visually astounding. 

Featuring celebrated international artists from Europe, Asia, America, Australia & NZ, 360 ALLSTARS is a revolutionary production that will leave you dizzy with excitement!


AUSTRALIA: (Feb - Apr)

Adelaide, SA
Feb 16 - Mar 18 (35 shows)
Royal Croquet Club, Adelaide Fringe

Bendigo, VIC
Mar 30 - Apr 1 (3 shows)
Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo Easter Festival 

Gold Coast, QLD
April 5 - 8 (10 shows)
Festival2018, Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

Lismore, NSW
Apr 13-14
NORPA, Lismore City Hall

CHINA (May):

May 8-9
Shandong Grand Theatre

May 11-12
Banlam Grand Theater

May 13
Shanghai 1862 Shipyard Theater


May 30 - Jun 2

UK (Aug):

Edinburgh, Scotland
Aug 3 - 27 (24 shows)
Assembly Hall, Edinburgh Fringe


Georgetown, Penang
Sep 1-2
Georgetown Festival