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"A supercharged show... heart-pumping music, dazzling lights and video, and incredibly talented athletes and musicians" - Theatermania, New York

"The packaging for circus is getting more slick, better dressed, and faster paced than ever before" 
- Adelaide Advertiser ★★★★★

"Mind boggling, awe-inspiring entertainment" - All Over Adelaide ★★★★★

"Spectacular tricks and stunts" - The Pop Chronicles ★★★★★

"Supercharged urban circus" - Scenestr ★★★★★

"An energetic, non-stop thrill ride" - Entertainment Hive ★★★★½

"An hour long show of explosive stunds and foot-stomping music" - Weekend Notes ★★★★★

"Freaking phenomenal performers" - Fritz Magazine ★★★★★

"Awe-inspiring. I've never seen a show like it" - Metro Magazine, Auckland ★★★★½

"a spectacular fusion of the extraordinary artistry that emerges from street culture... destined to be a sell-out" - TV BOMB ★★★★★

"Blindingly Talented. The energy is infectious" - Broadway Baby 2016 ★★★★★

This is such a fresh take on the circus concept… an extravaganza of technique and expertise”
- Broadway Baby 2015 ★★★★★

"masters of their individual disciplines... whipping the crowd in to a frenzy"
The Scotsman ★★★★

“A notoriously contemporary performance that generates amazement, excitement and astonishment”
- Times Square Chronicles, New York

”As a modern circus performance this was as slick as it gets” - Stage Whisper

The entire production is a veritable Catherine wheel of excellence, and rarely have I seen such enthusiasm and sheer joy in a crowd.” Fringe Review

Review: The Good Guide


360 Allstars brings you the ‘radical urban circus’; an exciting contemporary performance exploring all forms of rotation. And at the Judith Wright Centre, this performance made for a very special night.

Surrounded by mostly families and couples, we were all eager to investigate the impending talent inside the intimate and appropriately sized theatre. With lights dimmed and spotlight gleaming, a demanding drum roll hushed the audience in to full attentiveness. I soon found myself pleasantly entertained by a diverse range of dynamic entertainers. The show leapt from one performance to the next, ranging from BMX to basketball tricks. I sat with a drink in one hand and my neighbour’s seat in the other, as I gripped on to safety on behalf of the performers on stage.

A BMX rider performed multiple tricks and turns on his moving bicycle with a fluidity and versatility that somewhat resembled pole dancing – minus that sexy wink. I congratulate anyone who can hold a handstand, let alone on a seat – or more like a ridge with an identity crisis – of a moving bicycle. To my grave disappointment, this fine young athlete was not sporting any spandex. The ‘basketballman’ was a humorous and highly entertaining performer showing off various tricks involving up to 5 basketballs and one of those stage-bound mischievous grins. His act proved a crowd favourite with his roof lifting applause after spinning two balls on the one finger. No, that is not a typo.

The most impressive act of all was the live music that accompanied the performing artists. The music was being played, recorded, and then played back through some pedal-like instrument – an art known as live looping, allowing the musicians to create layers of live music and form wicked harmonies. After the show, a meet and greet with the performers also proved an exciting venture.

If there had to be a downside to this pleasant outing, it was the small and unwarranted, unbroken and pubescent voice shrieking ‘YOLO’ following the successful execution of an impressive trick; one instinctively returned with nothing short of a few filthy glares.

While the theatre was overwhelmed with family members and students of the performing group, the show is visually and aurally astounding for all shapes and sizes. 360 Allstars are a talented bunch of young, daring, and hip entertainers, revolutionising the circus, as we know it.


Video: 360 ALLSTARS feature on German TV

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Preview: SAUCE Magazine Front Cover


Being in the audience of 360 Allstars during their performance at the Frankston Arts Centre was absolutely electrifying and totally engaging.  The audience was gasping, oohing, ahhing, whistling and clapping like mad. The 360 Allstars are now touring Australia and it would be a mistake to miss this radical reinvention of circus.

Showcasing the best performers in their fields, 360 Allstars turns circus on its head, bringing a thoroughly modern urban spin. A celebration of rotation, hence the term 360, this circus showcases all forms of revolution. Swapping traditional circus performers with more modern entertainers creates a captivating contemporary circus.

So what was so different about this circus?  Well…everything.  Sam Perry was the MC rapper and beat boxer who dynamically demonstrated the art of live looping. Onyx Productions mastermind and percussion king, Gene Petersen’s drumming genius gave backbeat when not performing mind-boggling drum solos.

Breakdancers, B- Boy Physicx and B-Boy Leerok mesmerised the crowd with phenomenal head spins, back flips and dance offs as ‘the crowd went wild’. The audience also went wild when Basketball Freestyler, Rashaun Daniels, managed to juggle five basketballs at the same time all the while with a million dollar smile on his face.

Also amazing were Roue Cyr artist, Rhys Miller rolling across the stage sometimes perpendicular to the ground while his wheel was upright! BMX Flatlander Peter Sore pulled off some eye popping stunts on his bike moving and stopping, riding and hopping in ways seemingly incompatible with physics.

Spectacular lighting and AV projections added a sensational backdrop to this innovative street-smart circus. Value for money, this show brings together a collection of national and international stars whose collective talents provide entrancing entertainment from beginning to end.           

See 360 Allstars touring nationally. For information go to: www.onyx-productions.com/360allstars