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Workshops & Show Package

Community Engagement

Aside from being a fantastic entertainment package (combining 2 of the most popular genres; music & comedy), 'Loop the Loop' is also extremely pro-active when engaging the local community. This is achieved by conducting workshops.


The 'Loop the Loop' workshops are a wonderful opportunity for local youth to learn from industry professionals. The versatile artists from this exhilarating production are able to conduct classes in a wide range of fields:

  • Improvising, Spontaneous Composition & Vegetable Music! - Conducted by Adam Page
  • Body Percussion & Junk Drumming - Conducted by Gene Peterson

Music From Vegetables


Workshops are included for free as part of the package and are available to be conducted on the same day as a bump-in and show.

Whenever possible, workshop participants are involved in the performance! This creates the opportunity for local youth to feature on stage alongside professional entertainers, as well as boosting ticket sales, as family and friends flock to see their loved ones in the limelight!

The 'Loop the Loop' workshops can cater for up to 100 participants (50 per workshop). For more information regarding workshops (including workshop lengths, venue requirements, minimum numbers etc) please contact us.


What does the 'Loop the Loop' package include?

  • 'Loop the Loop' Performance (100min including interval)

  • All Workshops (included for free)

  • Educational Resource (teachers notes and student worksheets)

  • All travel costs for cast/crew

  • All accommodation costs for cast/crew

  • Poster (artwork)

  • Flyer (artwork)

  • Media Release

  • Gene Peterson Live - Full DVD

  • Adam Page Solo - Full DVD

  • Loop The Loop - Webpage

  • Promo Clip

  • Professional Hi-res Photos

To bring 'Loop the Loop' to your venue, or for more information on package prices, please contact us