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LOOP THE LOOP - smallestforest.net - November 8, 2011

Loop The Loop poster

The radio interview with Loop The Loop’s musicians, Gene Peterson and Adam Page, that I had managed to hear snatches of—over the clang and clatter of the kitchen at work—simply did not do this show justice. There was, I recall, some banter about rubber squeeze toys, and a brief tootle on a zucchini flute…but the radio announcer didn’t manage to describe the show with more than the usual adjectives “amazing” and “wonderful”, already used indiscriminately on everything—from charity concerts for Japan, to Sunday churchyard cupcake sales.

Which turned out a good thing, because I went to last night’s show expecting 100 minutes of 1930s Jewish-American television humor by two doped-up ex-surfies, pulling homemade instruments out of their Wicked Camper Van. I expected a lot of “Whoa!” and “Hey, Dude,” and to witness musical skills equal or slightly better than those of Toad Suck, Arkansas’ 5th grade band class.

It was nice to be wrong. Peterson and Page cobbled real, dance-able, enjoyable musical pieces together last night, using about 30 instruments—classical, traditional, vocal and body instruments, besides the bizarre ones made from zucchinis, typewriters, or vacuum cleaner pipes—combined with funk, reggae, and carib rhythms. And The Loop, of course.

Performance oriented Liveloopers will take real-time audio samples, and loop these samples on the fly, allowing the musician to sample new material while the current loop is playing.  It’s a quick way to extend half-a-dozen sampled instruments: a phrase of saxophone, some toots across the open mouth of a glass pop bottle, some righteous percussion, a bit of spoken word, beatboxing, vocal turntablism, and singing…into one big, rich, layered, harmonious sound…immediately, in real-time, onstage, using whatever you’ve got on hand.  Or on your chin.

The Beard
Highlights of last night’s show, for me, were:

  • Adam Page’s rock Tribute to his beard (included Tibetan throat singing!), using samples taken of ‘microphone+beard+mustachio’ encounters
  • a groovy rendition of “Harry John Grove”…the name was provided by a member of the audience, and if I were that eight- or nine-year-old boy, hearing Page beatbox, sing, and embellish my name in funkadelic sounds would probably have changed my life forever. Would not be surprised if Harry doesn’t want to be a pilot, anymore, but wants a Real-Time Looper for Christmas, instead.
  • Gene Peterson’s live and loop-free playing of the drums with one hand, and a keyboard with the other (hence the appellation “Phenomenal Percussionist”)
  • A showdown between the two that saw Gene playing the life out of a typewriter, bath toys, spoons, and Adam rocking the zucchini, a miniature harmonica (the kind that comes on a keychain) and some awesome didgeridoo using a vacuum cleaner’s pipe.

Barbie guitars

  • A musical confrontation between a child’s pink battery-operated keyboard, and a small pink ukelele
  • There was, of course, some very grand music, as well: jazz piano, saxophone, a drum solo of Animal the Muppet energy, flute, and ukelele music.

miniature drumset and power drill

I’m sorry if you missed this one-night only show…it was a feast for the senses, and good fun, too. Shame people weren’t told more about it, it was really too good to miss, not something you’re likely to experience everyday (not in Darwin, not anywhere, really): two consummate musicians, a hundred minutes of creative, fearless, masterful music, a rich and substantial performance rounded out by a sauce of cheeky fun.

MUSICIANS SET TO OUT-DO EACH OTHER - Courier Mail - Sep 16, 2011

Loop the Loop will be at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre on October 30 from 6pm. Tickets are $15. Phone 32830400TWO talented artists will face off at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre next month in a musical showdown where there can only be one winner.

Gene Peterson and Adam Page will take to the red and blue corners and try to out-do each other using a multitude of different instruments.
Brisbane-based Peterson said they would record their music on to a loop pedal and build up layers of music to create the illusion of a full band.

``I will play a piece and then Adam will try and out-do me with a different instrument and seeing the different objects we get music out of will be half the fun,'' he said.
``I don't want to give too much away but I do use a typewriter at one stage and Adam uses a vegetable.''

The pair have been touring Australia for the past four months and Peterson said he was looking forward to bringing the show to Redcliffe. 

``The show has a good mix of music and comedy and I think audiences have really enjoyed that,'' he said.
``We have a fun dynamic where we don't want to acknowledge each other's musical talent and are constantly trying to be the best.''



LOOP THE LOOP - Scene Magazine - July 20, 2011

Gene Peterson is a man who’s attracted to the spectacular and, alongside longtime adversary Adam Page, his latest production promises such.

Loop The Loop blends a unique set-up of musical talent, competitive spirit and improvisation to bring forth a show of various thrills and excitement. "It's a musical battle between myself and Adam Page. We're both multi-instrumentalists and, throughout the show, we attempt to outplay each other via different instruments and also by making music out of random objects," co-star and producer Gene says. "Half the time it's trying to be musical and outplay each other with our musicianship and half the time it's just us trying to be idiots really. It's quite a lot of fun."

The bout takes place in a fitting manner as the two artists lock head to head in a boxing ring, aggressively exchanging musical blows in a bid to rival and outshine the other; the looping effect pedal allowing each artist to create a variety of riffs, giving the impression of a live band. Though the pair are friends, the nature of the performance does influence a certain element of competitiveness. "We are at each other's throats for a lot of it. We're also having a heap of fun but the theatrics of the performance is that we are two boxers in a match-up, competing for the title. It gets quite serious; it almost becomes physical at one point in the show."

Maintaining a smooth balance between musical and comedic in an area of unpredictability can become, at times, chaotic, but that's all part of the show. "That's what we do for a living, you know. There's a lot going on but we enjoy what we do. It is difficult and I find it difficult but the show has a high level of musicality, as well as a high level of performance, so there's a lot going on. That's what we do and we love it."

There's plenty more where that came from. Following Loop The Loop is 360 Allstars, a show with a grand nature which plans to encompass Peterson's very own urban circus. "We've got some big names locked in ... It's going to be a pretty fantastic show."

NT News, ABC Television - July 16, 2011

To view the 'Loop the Loop' feature story on NT News, please click the link below:


IT'S MUSIC GONE LOOPY - www.ntnews.com.au - July 15th, 2011

VIOLENT in-your-face musicianship is what these guys offer.

And it's a competition.

Gene Peterson and Adam Page (pictured) will perform their virtuoso hybrid stage show Loop the Loop at the Darwin Entertainment Centre tomorrow night.

In a boxing ring setting complete with red and blue corners, these two remarkable musos will go head to head playing instruments and everything else - from vegetables to kids' toys.

Gifted percussionist, and everything else in between, Peterson first visited Darwin as a 10-year-old with his parents and four years later he was having his compositions played by the Darwin Symphony Orchestra.

He said the format of the new stage show was a far cry from the rigidity of a regular touring gig, but it was "not all fun and games".

"It's a fine balance between musicality and being the best musician you can be, and playing out the theatrics," he said.

Despite having the highest respect for his friend-come-opponent, Peterson loves to fuel the fire.

"Pathetic. He's (Page) not even a real match," he said.

"It would be nice to find a professional musician to play with."

"Fine ... You can drive," responded Page as the pair meandered the streets of Broome, WA.

Their 100-minute, and at times unbelievable exhibition of musical prowess seems like it's a true all-out, spur of the moment battle, but that's all part of the spectacle. The pair continually record their music to a loop pedal.

"There is a certain level of improvisation but there definitely has to be that level of pre-production to maintain consistency," Peterson said.

"It's a whole lot of fun, and there is always a winner."

VEGETABLES IN THE LOOP - The West Australian - June 14, 2011

Drummer Gene Peterson aka The Laughing Assassin and multi-instrumentalist Adam Page aka The Carrot Charmer are bringing their musical dual Loop The Loop to Bunbury this month.

So I’ve moved up or moved sideways in the world of vegetables — Adam Page

Here are the ingredients for a night of musical mayhem — put two crazy musicians in a boxing ring and add a generous measure of competitiveness and everything from an African thumb piano to musical vegetables.

Forming Loop the Loop, drummer Gene Peterson aka The Laughing Assassin and multi-instrumentalist Adam Page aka The Carrot Charmer will face off in a musical battle like no other at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre on June 30.

Describing what awaits the Bunbury audience, Peterson said the dual was best described as an ‘‘eclectic mix of everything’’.

‘‘We definitely try and mix it up with a lot of humorous and novelty items and there’s certainly some pretty serious musicianship as well,’’ Peterson said.

‘‘I guess what this show is able to do is deliver a fine balance between the both — half the time we’re being idiots onstage and the other half we’re taking our art very seriously.’’

Recruiting the aid of an army of musical instruments including a hollowed out zucchini, Page recalls the moment he discovered the musical properties of the common vegetable.

‘‘I was just eating a carrot one day and my housemate at the time was drilling something and I said ‘alright, hand over that drill, I’m going to make an instrument’,’’ Page said.

‘‘I was going to be playing a carrot in this show, but after the posters were designed and printed, I discovered the greatness of a zucchini.

‘‘So I’ve moved up or moved sideways in the world of vegetables.’’

The winner of each dual is decided by a ‘‘looping’’ race as Peterson and Page attempt to out-play each other by continually recording their music into a loop pedal, creating the illusion of an entire band playing live.

Emphasising the fiercely competitive nature of the both artists, Peterson said while they were best mates off stage, performing was a different matter.

‘‘On stage we will be each other’s greatest enemy — Page is my nemesis on stage,’’ Peterson said.

IT'S A MUSICAL KNOCKOUT - Echo Newspaper - April 8, 2010

Two master musicians will battle it out this Friday, April 9, at the Byron Community Centre.

Local drummer Gene Peterson is set to take on multi-instrumentalist Adam Page in this musical showdown called Loop The Loop.

Both musicians will make use of a loop pedal, a very popular musical device these days, allowing Peterson and Page to create the aural illusion of an entire band.

In this 100-minute jam-packed performance, the audience will be treated to a plethora of amazing skills, from simultaneously playing keyboards and drums, to Tibetan throat-singing, to using a carrot as a musical instrument!?! (Serious stuff...)

Peterson is a world-class drummer and this will be his first home show since returning from overseas where he blew ‘em away at many festivals.

His South Australian opponent, Adam Page, a winner of the Adelaide Fringe Award for ‘best music by an emerging artist’, has also performed around the globe. Page is a multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire.

Loop The Loop will feature a lot of comedy as well as master musicianship. (Well, there is a carrot involved...) And it’s an all-ages family event.

Tickets are $32/26 from the Centre (6685 6807). The fun starts at 8pm. 

LOOPY SHOW THRILLS AUDIENCE - www.raveaboutarts.org.au

Two fine musicians entertained an appreciative audience at the HopetounTown Hall on Sunday night. Gene Peterson and Adam Page presented their musical extravaganza 'Loop the Loop' at an event brought to Hopetoun by the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council. Both musicians demonstrated enviable talents by producing music from an amazing array of items, not only musical instruments. While Peterson starred in his role as percussionist, playing the 'drums' on everything from his own body to a table of squeaky bath toys, saxophonist Page astounded the audience by making music, not only with his own beard, but with an eclectic array of vegetables and other paraphernalia. There were interludes however when the artists put their real musical talents on display with a selection of authentic modern jazz arrangements which had the audience tapping and clapping along.


Byron Bay is set to host a concert unlike any seen before in the Northern Rivers. The difference: Two world class musicians go head to head in a phenomenal musical battle.

On April 9th the Byron community centre will become a battle ground as local drummer Gene Peterson is set to take on multi-instrumentalist Adam Page in this musical showdown entitled 'Loop The Loop'.

As the name suggests, both musicians will make use of a loop pedal, a piece of equipment for recording different musical phrases and replaying them all at once, allowing Peterson and Page to create the aural illusion of an entire band.

As each artist attempts to outplay the other, the audience will be treated to some amazing skills from simultaneously playing keyboards and drums, to Tibetan throat singing and even using a carrot as a musical instrument.

Peterson described the show as “Sometimes quirky, often hilarious, at times unbelievable, but always impressive”.

Peterson is a world class drummer and holds the titles of ‘Australia’s Up and Coming Drummer of the Year’ (2006) and 'The Billy Hydes National Drum Play-Offs’. This will be Peterson's first home show since returning from overseas where he performed at festivals world wide.

His South Australian opponent Page, a previous winner of the Adelaide Fringe Award for 'Best music by an emerging artist’, has also performed around the globe. Page also sold out his own show in 2007 which received raved reviews describing him as “A musical wizard”, “Violently impressive” and “An incredibly talented musician with a rare gift”. If you can name an instrument, Page can play it.

When asked who was going to win on the night, Peterson, joked “Probably me”. The show also features a high level of comedy and is an all ages family event. Peterson says “ 'Loop The Loop' offers the ultimate entertainment package, the audience will be the real winner”.  This is a show not to be missed.

Tickets will sell fast. For bookings or information contact The Byron Community Centre on (02)6685 6807.


"two consummate musicians, a hundred minutes of creative, fearless, masterful music, a rich and substantial performance rounded out by a sauce of cheeky fun" - smallestforest.net 

"A battle of epic proportions!" - Gold Coast Arts Centre

"extreme awesomeness with two live looping legends"  - Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

"An hilarious display of virtuosity"  - Melbourne Arts Centre

"a night of musical mayhem" - The West Australian

"Violent in-your-face musicianship"  - NT News

"Loop The Loop blends a unique set-up of musical talent, competitive spirit and improvisation to bring forth a show of various thrills and excitement." - Scene Magazine